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your codebase

your dev team

your company

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Augment’s expert understanding of your codebase and dependencies removes the toil in your day, so you experience the joy of coding.

Augment is blazing fast.
Augment is blazing fast.Augment your codebase, dev team, company
Augment is optimized for large codebases

Optimized for large codebases

Suggestions reflect the APIs and coding patterns in your company’s code so your team can use it on your actual day to day work

Augment is fast

Operates at the speed of thought

Fast inference – 3x faster than competitors – built on state-of-the-art techniques, including custom GPU kernels, keeps developers in the flow

Augment produces running code

Produces running code

Our custom AI models tuned for code avoid frustrating hallucinations and improve code quality... not just productivity

Augment supports multiple developers & teams

Supports multiple developers & teams

Improve use of internal best practices from your senior engineers, codebase awareness in daily tasks, new developer onboarding, code review, and more

Augment includes strong IP protections

Includes strong IP protections

Designed for tenant isolation, our architecture is built to protect your IP, already SOC-2 Type 1 compliant, and pen-test validated

The team

Augment consists of a talent-dense roster of passionate people

With skill and experience from AI for code to developer experience

Together we are focused on this important mission for developers

“Augment has built a truly brilliant team, among the best in enterprise AI, and as good as any team we have ever helped put together.”

Mike Speiser

Sutter Hill Ventures

“AI is poised to transform coding, and after surveying the landscape, we came away convinced that Augment has both the best team and recipe for empowering programmers and their organizations to deliver more and better software.”

Eric Schmidt

Innovation Endeavors & Former CEO, Google

“We are strong believers in Augment’s potential to not only eat the code assistant market, but redefine how software engineering is performed at scale!”

Shardul Shah

Index Partners

“Augment’s exceptional team seamlessly empowers software engineers to deliver higher quality code far more easily, quickly and collaboratively.”

Ravi Mhatre


“In our due diligence, we found Augment’s depth and breadth of AI talent to be greater than that of all the other startups in the space combined.”

Alex Clayton

Meritech Capital